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Both collectors and investors of the NFT space now have a tool that makes buying and selling decisions easy!
It's a powerful and safe analytical tool
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Mint our NFTapas NFT and get access before the subscription kicks in!
  • Lifetime access
  • Voting rights
  • Features early access
For more details check the NFT page. Other benefits of having our NFT are coming soon! Stay tuned...
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Features and security
Its context-aware nature ensures that it delivers relevant information, actions, and insights from many different sources securely and precisely when you need them the most. It only takes 2 simple steps to access all of its capabilities.
Integrations view
Take the first step and open the page of the creator, collection, or NFT you desire to buy or sell.
You are only one click away from accessing a powerful tool that securely delivers details from different sources in one place.
Without leaving the page, open the NFTapas app, and we will perform a few next steps for you at once.
Sit back and make an informed decision based on the various data collected in one place.

Anywhere, Anytime

No more tab switching or hunting for info – access details instantly, like a personal browser assistant. Work, learn, and explore effortlessly.

All Your Sources in One Place

Our powerful tool gathers diverse sources into a single, streamlined hub. Unify your information, boost your productivity, and streamline your online experience.


For Both Beginners and Professionals

Whether you're just starting out and feeling overwhelmed or you're a seasoned pro with specific goals, our platform simplifies your NFT journey.


Minimal Permissions, Maximum Security

We only request the essential permissions needed for our platform to work, ensuring your privacy and security are our top priorities.

Maximum Privacy

Our app ensures complete anonymity by abstaining from collecting any unnecessary details. We prioritize your data security and confidentiality above all else.

Google-Verified Extension

Before publishing, our app undergoes a meticulous review process, guaranteeing compliance with Google's stringent policies and rules.

Release timeline
NFTapas is coming to life in stages, granting exclusive access to chosen users. This approach enables us to refine the experience and gather essential feedback.
Closed Beta
For: Exclusively to invited participants only.To: Diligently reviewing all the essentials to ensure that, during the Early Access phase, people can focus solely on product aspects.Please note that Closed Beta is not open for requests or access by those outside creators network.
Early Access
For: Carefully chosen members of our community.To: Collect as many product-related issues and suggestions as possible, and then identify and prioritize those that align with the scope of the first official release.To gain access, please visit our Early Access channel on Discord.
NFT Pre-sale
For: Closed Beta and Early Access participants, as well as community members who have won whitelist access.To: We aim to provide the most valuable and engaged individuals in the project with the ability to secure access to NFTapas through our NFT.To obtain a NFT during the pre-sale, please follow our Discord and X (Twitter) for instructions on how to be whitelisted.
NFT Sale
in 1 days
20 Jan 2024
For: Every person willing to support us before the official release and those who believe in our success and seek a financial opportunity.To: Offer a chance to gain lifetime accessto the NFTapas tool before the subscriptions kick in.The number of NFTs per account will be limited. Also, please ensure that you do not sell or transfer the NFT to a different wallet to take advantage of its unique benefits...
Exclusive Access
in 91 days
20 Apr 2024
For: All wallets that possess at least one NFTapas NFT.To: Grant all our supporters access to NFTapas for testing it in battle. This will be the most important step before the official release, as it will define not only the initial scope but also shape the upcoming features and future changes.Please note that this will still be in beta, so the product may not be fully ready. Some of the core features may still not be fully implemented, and some may require a developer's "touch" ;).
Exciting things are on the horizon for NFTapas! We're diligently working on updates related to NFTapas currency, lifetime accessdetails, voting rights, regular pricing, and the ability to merge your NFTs. Join our community and stay tuned for updates - your patience will be rewarded!
For further answers and deeper insights, join our Discord server, where our thriving community can provide additional information.
We are a group of passionate NFT enthusiasts who want to make a difference in the space!
Not forgetting our supporters, who will always be honorable members of our team. Thanks to you, we were able to take those extra steps to make it happen!
Special thanks to:
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Both collectors and investors of the NFT space now have a tool that makes buying and selling decisions easy!