The NFTapas -ON-A-STICK- collection is your ETH blockchain PASS which unlocks early access to the innovative Chrome extension NFTapas tool designed to empower both investors and collectors in making buying and selling decisions.Our exclusive collection of 10,000 NFTs ensures lifetime access, offering you VIP entry to events with voting rights, immersive experiences, and an exclusive early access and sneak peek at upcoming features. It's for anyone interested in supporting our project. Join us at the forefront of the NFTapas community today!
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Owning the NFTapas NFT unlocks access to NFTapas Chrome extension
Lifetime access

When you acquire the NFTapas NFT and choose to hold it without selling, you secure an enduring privilege – uninterrupted access to the Individual version of the NFTapas Chrome extension, guaranteed forever. Learn more about the conditions in the FAQ section.

Voting rights

Owning the NFTapas NFT empowers you to influence our platform's future by voting on upcoming features and integrations. This includes the exciting opportunity to select NFT collections and creators.

Early access

Gain the upper hand with early access to the NFTapas tool as an NFTapas NFT holder. Not only will you enjoy exclusive entry to our beta version, but also will secure early access to upcoming features, ensuring a head start in exploring new features ahead of the crowd.

Other amazing utilities are coming soon. Here are few of them:We're diligently working on updates related to NFTapas currency, lifetime accessdetails, voting rights, regular pricing, and the ability to merge your NFTs to get even more from holding them. Join our community and stay tuned for updates – your patience will be rewarded!
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Both collectors and investors of the NFT space now have a tool that makes buying and selling decisions easy!